Young country diary: an A-Z of my nature walk

Robin Hood’s Bay, North York Moors: My mum and I went on a walk one afternoon in May, and this is what we saw

A is Ash, a type of tree. B is Bees, honey and bumblebee. C is Clovers, with white, pearly petals. D is Dock leaves, a cure for nettles. E is Egg, cracked this time. F is Footprint, an interesting sign. G is Grass, common as cows in herds. H is Hedge, bustling with birds. I is Ivy, climbing up higher. J is Jenny Wren, calling out a desire. K is Kestrel, higher than any trees. L is Light, breaking through the leaves. M is Mud, a long haul. O is Oak, growing strong and tall. N is Nettles, watch out they sting. P is Pine cones, the most intricate thing. Q is Queenie, our chicken who lives in our bay. R is Rays of sunshine, that light up our day. S is Sky, as far as you can see. T is Tracks, whose could they be? U is Unknown, a haven of fun. V is a near Vertical climb, not easy to get done. W is web, a spider’s trap. X is X marks the spot, often on a map. Y is a Y-shaped tree, home to wildlife. Z is Zest, zest for life.
Ellen Hall, 11

Young country diary: my dream day being a farmer

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